First Time Buyers Can Add Money to Rehab in One Mortgage

                                                                                       First Time Buyer? Do you know a mortgage exists that includes rehab                                                                                                                                        funds ?  In one Loan ! If you have read my Blog before you know it’s my passion to spread the word about renovation mortgages !   It’s the best kept secret in home buying. Buy the home with a small down payment and add … Read More

Don’t Walk Away From a Fixer-Upper – Use HomeStyle to Buy & Rehab

                                                             Don’t Walk Away From a Fixer-Upper                                         Use HomeStyle Renovation Mortgage to Buy & Rehab It                                                                                                                                            My goal as a Loan Officer is to get the word out and educate everyone on how to buy property and add money into the same loan to do remodeling and updates.  One of the least known mortgages out there is called … Read More

Student Loans Stopping You From Buying a Home ?

             Are Student Loan Payments Stopping You From Buying a Home?   In my role as a Loan Officer who specializes in renovation loans I speak to many potential buyers. These days it is not uncommon for a first time buyer to have student loan payments that are actively in repayment or will one day be in repayment after any … Read More

Top 10 HomeStyle Rehab Loan Question & Answers

In my work helping people finance and plan home renovations I’m asked what types of loans are available. Many times the first loan option that is known would be the FHA 203K. Previously I have written the top questions and answers on 203K at . There is another rehab loan option called HomeStyle. Here I will answer the top … Read More

Buying a Short Sale Home using an FHA 203K Streamline or Homestyle Renovation Loan

                         Buying a Short Sale Home using an FHA 203K Streamline or Homestyle Renovation Loan In today’s market there are many homes for sale that are listed as a “short sale”. Often these homes are vacant with the former owners having already moved on. They are called “short sales” because the current mortgage holder has agreed the home can be … Read More

The Other Renovation Loan : Homestyle

The question is asked, what other loans are there for repairs to a home or renovation besides an FHA 203K or as an alternative to FHA 203K ? Is there a rehab loan for investment rental property ? Is there a rehab loan for a vacation home ? Is there a renovation refinance mortgage loan other than 203K ? Many … Read More

What Documents Are Needed to Apply for a Mortgage ?

I’m often asked what information and documents are needed to apply for and approve any type of mortgage loan. While that can vary depending upon if an applicant is self-employed, retired, paid hourly, paid by salary, a veteran, or owns other real estate I have attempted here to define what could be asked for to help everyone understand what any … Read More

How to pay Private Mortgage Insurance PMI entirely off when buying a home

How to pay Private Mortgage Insurance PMI entirely at closing when buying a new home The answer is Yes  you can pay off all PMI once  at closing day with a Conventional loan purchase with as little as 5% down payment of the purchase price. First let me explain a bit about  what PMI or Private Mortgage Insurance is and … Read More

How to Pay a Short Sale Negotiator Fee at Closing

Paying the short sale negotiator at closing on a short sale can be done via a Seller credit. The Seller provides a credit to the Buyer on the contract. There is an addendeum to the contract transferring the Sellers credit from the Buyer to the short sale negotiator and is shown on the HUD. This mechanism has been allowed relative … Read More