How to Buy with 5% Down- HomeStyle + PMI

How to Buy with 5% Down: HomeStyle Conventional + Private Mortgage Insurance Anyone who has read my Blog knows I am a big advocate of buying a property with a rehab loan. The reason why is often such properties can be bought at a discount in a buyers preferred area. Meaning why not buy the worst house in the nicest … Read More

Top 20 Questions Buyers and Owners Ask About FHA 203K Renovation Loans

Clients and Realtors in the Chicago area often ask me questions on FHA 203k renovation loans so I thought I would take the top 20 and present answers here in a concise format. Please send me any of your own questions on 203k rehab mortgages to Perry Farella at With an FHA 203K if I put 20% down do … Read More

How to pay Private Mortgage Insurance PMI entirely off when buying a home

How to pay Private Mortgage Insurance PMI entirely at closing when buying a new home The answer is Yes  you can pay off all PMI once  at closing day with a Conventional loan purchase with as little as 5% down payment of the purchase price. First let me explain a bit about  what PMI or Private Mortgage Insurance is and … Read More