How To Find & Buy A Property Using A Renovation Loan

                              How to Find and Buy a Property Using Renovation Financing:                                                    Realtor & Buyers Renovation Tool Kit I speak with many Realtors who work with buyers. The buyers may have questions about crime statistics, roads, public transportation, local amenities, school system statistics, etc. Many buyers will ask to see properties based on these criteria and more. Buyers are … Read More

HomeStyle- Convert a 2 Apartment Building to a Single Family Home

Here in Chicago and other cities there are many two unit buildings that are very old. Often buyers see them as a chance to create a new single family home. This is because the cost may be lower than buying a new home from a developer, or it may be the property is located in a historic area or even … Read More

The Other Renovation Loan : Homestyle

The question is asked, what other loans are there for repairs to a home or renovation besides an FHA 203K or as an alternative to FHA 203K ? Is there a rehab loan for investment rental property ? Is there a rehab loan for a vacation home ? Is there a renovation refinance mortgage loan other than 203K ? Many … Read More