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The Financing for Renovation Loans can be quite complex. You will find a strong commitment from me and my team to help you with each step of the process pertaining to your Renovation Loan or any other type of mortgage loan. Whether as a buyer or home owner planning a Chicago renovation or a Realtor, as a Chicago Renovation Lending Professional, I’m here to help. My strength is making it easier to understand and navigate. Click the links below for Buyers or Realtors to get started.


Rehab loans on 1 to 4 unit residential properties for fix/flip or lease & hold.

No requirement for owners to occupy.

No need for Hard Money lenders with high rates/fees.


For Veterans with rehab dollars added into the same VA loan with no down payment.

Mixed Use
2 – 4 Unit

Owner occupied with a 49% / 51% split of commercial and residential square footage.

No need for Commercial loans & funds can be added to rehab residential spaces.

Renovation Loans

Up to $1.5M for single family owner occupied


Renovation Loans

Fannie Mae

Renovation Loans

Renovation & Mortgage Loans

Home Renovation

There are numerous Renovation Loans that are available, however knowing which one is best suited for you can be quite complex… 

Learn the different home renovation financing programs that are available to you.
Renovation Lending for Realtors


As a Realtor, you’re dealing with many aspects of a sale… Sometimes they can be deal breakers, especially if the home needs repairs.

Learn how we can help move your Real Estate deals forward through renovation funding.
Answers to Renovation Questions


Renovating a home can be quite challenging… There’s the financing, getting a contractor, etc.  Have any home renovation questions?

Learn how we can assist you to navigate the renovation financing maze.

“I have known and recommended Perry Farella to my clients for over 7 years. Of all the mortgage people I have worked with in my 14 years as a Realtor, Perry has consistently out performed all other lenders.”
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