Conventional Home Loan

What is a Conventional Home Loan?

A conventional home loan is a loan that provides the money to buy your new home. This type of home mortgage comes with many levels of down payment options and is the type of loan most people use to buy their homes.

This type of home loan does not include any renovation dollars. If you think you might need to update the new home and want to include the money in your primary mortgage, our other loan options may be better for you.

Already have a renovated property? Allow us to refinance your loan as interest rates decrease. Your payments and the total amount of interest paid can be greatly reduced.

How It Works

  1. Contact us to get started and see if you’re pre-approved.
  2. Find your new home.
  3. We’ll help you finance so you can move in as soon as possible!

We can help you decide what loan is best for your new home, renovations or rehab, and answer any questions through the full process. Contact us today to get started.