Perry D. Farella has been a Loan Officer for over 15 years. Prior to that, he was active in real estate buying and selling his own properties in Chicago and found that he enjoyed the process of determining the best way to finance purchases. His keen understanding of financial means to acquire Real Estate lead to him having a desire to evolve in helping others navigate the mortgage lending process. With a background and degree in software and client relations experience the transition was a smooth one. He enjoys this business so much it is almost like a hobby and can do it 7 days a week.

He has built his business almost entirely by word of mouth. During the past 15+ years, his work has given him experience in almost every facet of lending from commercial to residential, from new construction to renovation to FHA, VA, and traditionally lending. He enjoys the challenge of learning new ways to apply ever-changing regulations and to be able to create a custom solution that fits most any buyers finance needs. In the last couple of years, regulation has changed greatly in the area of residential lending, particularly with condominiums. While other loan officers have been discouraged, Perry sees change as an opportunity to be known as an expert and have worked to achieve a detailed understanding of new condominium regulations as well as regulations in the Private Mortgage Insurance world which affect lending so much today.

Perry,  regularly speaks to real estate groups and is often featured as a lending source for the Today’s Homes publication in the Chicago Sun-Times and suburban Chicago Pioneer Press newspapers.

In addition, Perry’s knowledgeable in:

  • FHA Condominium approvals
  • How to use FHA rules to your advantage
  • Condominium approvals for VA loans
  • Federal lending regulations and private mortgage insurance rules to create the best financing  arrangement for every client

He also has:

  • Finance plans for Developers new projects
FHA Lending Expert
VA Lending Expert
Federal Lending Regulations Expert

Licensed in: Illinois, Indiana & Wisconsin

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